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Smog Check

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B & J Auto Repair Smog

If your car needs immediate repairs, you should not subject it to a smog
check. There is a very high likelihood that the car will fail the smog test
entirely if major repairs are needed. Complete major engine repairs before
bringing your car in for the smog inspection. This will increase the car’s
likelihood of passing drastically.

Cold Engine

It’s not a good idea to do a smog inspection on a car with a cold engine
that was only recently started. Ideally, you should drive your car for at least
20 minutes before arriving at the smog check station. This will ensure that
your car’s engine is warmed up, giving it a chance to reach proper fuel mixture
and combustion levels. B & J AUTO REPAIR SMOG & SALES
Smog and Sales provides experienced automotive repair by ASE Certified
Technicians. And B and J is also a star certified smog check station and offers
the fastest smog check in Chula Vista and can diagnose and repair smog-check
failures for cars, trucks and motor homes. With over sixty years’ combined
experience, they offer engine diagnostics and can perform most automotive
repairs including brake and air conditioning services, timing belt replacement
and more. B and J Auto Repair Smog and Sales – Chula Vista’s choice for smog
check and auto repair for over 20 years. Smog-Check
stations that meet higher performance standards established. Keep your car
properly maintained by doing all of the scheduled maintenance in a timely
manner. Changing your oil, air filter, and performing tune-ups is critical in
order for your car to run properly and efficiently.